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22 carat bracelet models

22 Carat Bracelet

In addition to providing the advantage of wearing 22 carat Bracelet models, it is attached to the women’s arm, eliminating the problem of storage and security. Recently, with the rapid development of technology, computerized CNC machines have been used in the manufacture of rings.

Thus, increasing the variety and elegance of the gold bracelet model has made the feature of being a jewelry as well as being an investment tool.

It is important to remember that the use of gold bracelets is also an important element, especially the bracelet models. Which have recently been manufactured with reverse bumps, are preferred.

When buying a bracelet, you need to pay attention to the size of the bracelet. Choosing the right bracelet size creates a better harmony in terms of usage and aesthetic appearance. The length of the wrist should be preferred according to your wrist thickness rather than the passage of the wrist.

22 Carat gold bracelets must be paid labor. When exchanging the ring (in cash), gram weight is important for all ring models. In general, all goldsmith’s gold coins are taken into account only the gram and the setting. For example, 10 grams of embroidered bracelet and 20 grams twist ring is the same price.

It is normal for all bracelets to have a difference between buying and selling, so there are no bracelets that don’t lose value.

22 carat bracelet models
22 carat bracelet models

22 Carat Bracelet Models

The whiteness on the bracelets is white gold (grounding). Although it looks like a stone, it is not a stone, it does not spill or yellow.

The bracelet brand has no contribution to the value of the bracelet. While gold is the investment group. The majority of the investment group (quarter gold, half gold or full gold) and ancestral republic gold are of great interest and purchased. These 22 carat gold coins are printed by the mint and distributed to the market through sarrafs.

The quarter weight of gold is 1.75 grams and is printed by the mint without handle and stamped on the year of publication. In the same way. Half of the trappings printed in gold weigh 3.50 grams and full trappings in gold weigh 7.00 grams. The handles in the trappings group are attached later and these handles are not gold.

Gold Bracelet

The dates that indicate the year of publication on the gold of the trappings group. Enable the trappings group to be classified as new and old history. Although the two products have the same gold workmanship and weight. The fact that they are in the old and the new history caused price differences between them. In order to invest. The purchase of the old dated gold jewelery is more advantageous in terms of lower payment than the new gold.

The gold of the republic of Ata lira is 22 carat and is printed without handle by the mint weighing 7.21 grams. It is one of the most preferred gold for investment as it is not subject to the regulation of old and new gold in the market.

However, the recent introduction of gold bullion in various weights has enabled a new group to be added to investment gold. Gold bullion weighing from 1 gram to 1000 grams (1 kg) is printed as 24 carats (995 milliliters) and is offered for sale under the name of various brands of major institutions of the jewelery market.