Autumn and Winter Trends | Things to Keep in Mind at the Camp
Sonbahar ve kış trendleri

Autumn and Winter Trends

When the autumn and winter trends are mentioned every few weeks, new fashions emerge. Which celebrity are the trends then, and if so why do most of us follow these trends? Why not try to be like someone else and create our own style? Although we’re stuck at home this year, 2020 fashion trends seem as popular as ever.

Some of the most important fashion icons of 2020 for Autumn and Winter Trends …

Cloth Bags

One of the trends we see this year is handbag. Practical, spacious, comfortable to carry and stylish. There is also a lot to choose from for all occasions. Perhaps one with trendy chain details. Or something a little simpler, maybe with a bamboo handle.

Autumn and winter trends cloth bags
Autumn and winter trends cloth bags

You can buy beautiful Italian tote bags on many different websites these days. You don’t even have to leave your home (not many of us right now, but great).

Active Wear

Since Nike has taken over the world with its stunning collections, sportswear has become more popular than ever. Their rapid growth and popularity brought many new fitness brands trying to break the market. Just a few years ago from not being able to buy a nice gym outfit. Now we can get almost anything we want in any color and design we want.

From beautiful tights, sports bras, cropped vests and hoodies. The word sportswear has become extremely popular. These days I wear either sportswear or casual wear. I work from home, so one of the others!


Again, with the increase in sportswear, it brought the rise in apparel. It’s no longer a problem to wear Loungewear. However, a few years ago this was not the case. 10 years ago, I would have loved to go out in my outfit, but that wasn’t really welcome. Some stores have even started to ban people from wearing this type of clothing in their stores. Whereas now, being as comfortable as possible is all the rage and is now seen as fashion! I’m glad my style is finally seen as fashion!

Active Wear
Active Wear

Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian have started their own clothing collection. Ok so it’s very expensive, but more and more people are doing it. It’s a race to see who can create the softest, most striking and flashy casual wear pieces. Figure hugging trousers with cropped hoodies, oversized cardigans and wide hems.

Wide Leg Pants

For a trendy style, you can change how you wear two items you probably have in your closet: wide-leg pants and boots. It adds a funky and unique spin to two non-classic pieces, and you can add more personality to your look by choosing colors and details that match your unique style.

Slouch Boots

Cream colored saggy boots this year will make your dark winter look glamorous in light color or complement your neutral outfits beautifully. This style and colorful boot is unexpected but equally stylish this time of year.

Slouch Boats
Slouch Boats

These are great trends for 2021. Many of them, you can wear them over and over again and you will have a hard time stopping yourself.