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Chain necklace can be perfectly combined with your clothes for special occasions and can adapt to you with their different colors and elegant structures. Gold chains made with first-class workmanship carry the eye-catching details of gold jewelry fashion and reflect the nostalgia of classic design. 14 carat gold models of the chains produced in 8, 18 and 24 carat gold are also included in gold chain models. Rope chain necklaces are one of the most popular gold chain models of today and are an ideal model for those who want to gain both aesthetics and prestige. In addition to this model, the gold chain model with sequins represents one of the most popular designs in today's chain models.In addition to the wide range of gold chains, it also includes simpler and thinner gold chain models. It offers a wide range of products up to 2 meters long gold chain model.

Gold Chain Models

Gold chain models, which are generally preferred without stones, are sometimes decorated with precious stones. Therefore, a more luxurious and superior gold chain models are created. Zircon ranks first among the stone types preferred in the gold chain model. Zircon stone is suitable for gold with its brilliant structure, creating a unique jewel appearance on the gold chain. Gold chain models, which are usually made of stone-free designs, come first in yellow gold. Rose gold and white gold colored gold chain models are offered as different alternatives.

Long Gold Chains

There are also models with round designs among the long gold chains. Those who like to use long gold chains prefer 1 or 2 meter gold chain models. 22 carat gold chains are among the eye-catching gold jewelry models with both their designs and values. When choosing a gold chain, you need to decide what length you need and have an idea about its thickness. Gold chain models produced in different sizes have different standards than necklaces.

Gold Chain Prices

In general, chains made of 14 carat and 22 carat gold can range from 1 gram to 60 grams. Gold chains weighing 1 gram are generally used for ghost gold necklaces. Gold chains used only as chain necklaces are preferred from heavy and thick gold. Gold chain prices are initially determined by gold gauge and gram of gold. Gold chain models made of 8 carat gold are among the most affordable gold chains. Produced from 22-karat gold, gold chain prices are among the highest gold jewelry models.After the setting and weight of gold, the factor that affects the gold chain prices the most is labor. The workmanship qualities divided into classes are one of the factors that enable the long-lasting use of the gold chain. You are in the right place to buy the best quality and cheap gold chain.You can choose the model that best suits your style and budget among Orya chain necklace collections. You can easily own fashionable gold chain models at the most affordable prices.

How to Clean a Chain Necklace?

Among the fastest and easiest options, gold chain necklaces can be cleaned by hand washing. For this method, warm water will be needed first. You should add a few drops of dish soap to the warm water in a bowl. After a few minutes, dip the gold chain in detergent water and wait for 5 minutes. After this process, remove the dirt by rubbing the gold chain with your hand. To remove the detergent remaining on the gold chain, you should rinse with plenty of water and dry. Since chain necklace cleaning is a sensitive issue, you can get support from Orya stores for maintenance.
chain necklace
chain necklace