FAQ you can find answers to frequently asked questions below. For all your other questions, you can reach us through our communication channels.


When will the purchased products be shipped?

The delivery date of the products is shown on the product page. This date is calculated for all your products in the shopping cart and shopping completion page.

What are the shipping costs for purchases made through Orya Online Store? Which cargoes are sent with?

Shipping is free of charge for products to be sent domestically (Except Cyprus) for purchases from our Online Store. Cargoes made in the country are sent by Yurtiçi Kargo through the Insurance Company.

Our Bank Account Information

Vakıfbank Account Information

Account name: Orhan İmik ve Ayla Serap Tortum Adi Ortaklığı

Account number: 00158007306180375

IBAN No: 39 0001 5001 5800 7306 1803 75

Benefits of using Virtual POS:
  1. It is the most effective and secure payment method for internet shopping.
  2. Retail (B2C – from company to customer) increases between 35-40%.
  3. It enables the business to save its marketing area from a narrow region and city, to have a widespread network throughout the country, and even to increase its export opportunities.
  4. It provides a great added value to the business in terms of image, promotion and competitiveness. It allows shopping in a much shorter time than the face-to-face sales process.
  5. Electronic transactions are completed in a short time, saving time. This increases customer satisfaction and provides continuity.
What is Virtual Pos?

One of the keys to electronic commerce is the systems called “Virtual POS”. When it comes to payment over the web, virtual POSs come into play. The form of POS (Point of sale – payment point) devices and systems that we use in classical shopping, which allows shopping on websites, is called virtual POS -VPOS (Virtual point of sale).

In short, we can also call this POS adapted to the Internet. An online payment system and infrastructure are established between the virtual POS and the buyer-seller or seller-supplier. The system is basically based on the transfer of the money, which is the price of the product or service purchased, to the bank’s own bank account from the account of the buyer who entered the information on the company’s website in the bank or credit institutions.

Implementing this system is extremely easy and effortless. A company that intends to market its products and services over the web is required to sign a merchant and e-commerce contracts with a bank with a commercial account, and then install the bank’s VPOS software on its website.

Virtual POS is very safe in functioning. All transactions are carried out digitally during this process. It is very difficult to solve digital signature and digitally certified input-output processes based on security systems SSL 128 bit encryption algorithm. For this reason, the security hazard (especially nowadays) that you will experience in a classical shopping is many times higher.

How long can I change or return the product I bought from the Internet? Which products are not possible to return?

FAQ You can send your purchased product back to our center within 14 days from the time it is delivered to you, for products where you do not have requests such as size selection and text printing – changing colors.

How do I send the product I want to return?

Please contact us at or phone number +90 532 488 93 78 before delivering the product or products you want to return. Orya Jewelery does not accept responsibility for returns that are not within our knowledge.

You can send the product you want to return to us by Yurtiçi Kargo by paying the shipping fee. If it is not possible to ship with Yurtiçi Kargo, you can send it with a different cargo company.

Our Shipping Address for Return & Exchange & Repair:

Buyer Name: Orya Kuyumculuk

Address: Barbaros Hayrettinpaşa Mah. Eski Edirne Asfaltı No: 290 Gaziosmanpaşa – Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 618 37 76

What are the processes after returning the product? When will the price of the product I return be transferred to my account?

FAQ The returned products are examined by our specialists during the control process (1 week) after they arrive at our center. If there is any damage to the product or if your product does not comply with the conditions you can use your right of withdrawal, this product is reported and sent back to you and you are informed by phone or e-mail.

However, if your product complies with the right of withdrawal, the amount of the product will be returned with the same method after the 1-week control period, whichever method you ordered.

Note: While refunds to credit cards are generally in your account between 1-7 days, debit card (account cards) refunds can take up to 30 days due to problems arising from the banking system.

Can I change the products I bought online from stores?

You can only change and return the products you have purchased from our Online Store through our online store.

I want to replace the product I bought with a quarter gold, your store does not fulfill my request, what should I do?

The products in the jewelry group can only be replaced with the products in the other jewelry group. It cannot be exchanged with jewelry products for investment purposes (sarrafiye).

Are the products in the online store available in your stores?

All of the products in the online store may not be in our stores, but when you request the related product from our store, our store can supply that product within a short time.

Is there any product in your stores in the Online Store?

In our online store, we usually have new season and sufficient number of stocks.

I have a coupon code, how do I use it?

To use the coupon codes, you need to write it in the Coupon Code section of the basket page. If your coupon code is available, a Green notice will appear at the top of the page, otherwise a red warning message will be displayed.

Can you make special design?

You can get information about our special design from our store or by calling +90 532 488 93 78.

Is it safe to shop on your site?

The credit card information you use while shopping from is secure and protected by SSL Certificate. All orders you place on are encrypted. Therefore, the credit card information used during the order is protected.


Each stage of the communication for the credit card transaction is secured on our site.

Site-Visitor Communication Security:

FAQ The communication between the site and the visitor on the order pages of our site takes place in 128 bit SSL standard. The communication standard in question is a feature that can be used safely even on a large number of processed sites. It indicates whether there is this communication format on the page where credit card information will be provided, and that the expression written in the address bar when the page is accessed is not in http: // .. format, but in https: // .. format. When you access the pages of this nature, there is a lock sign in the lower right corner of the browser.

Site-Bank Communication Security:

FAQ Security related to the transfer of credit card information from the site to the bank is realized with the maximum security offered by the bank. Besides the many components of the mentioned security, CVV2 / CVC2 code is also used on our site as a precaution against shopping with stolen card or card information.

Data security within the website

In transactions you will make in a secure environment, no person, institution or organization can access your information, except for you and the bank that allocated your credit card to you. The credit card transaction page transmits the card information directly to the bank POS system and informs the customer of the transaction result. Credit card information is not transmitted via e-mail or similar methods. It is not even possible for us to access the credit card information transferred as a result of the online transaction.

My product has fallen, what should I do?

In order to complete the modification process of your product, they can fill in the return form we send to our customers and send the product by cargo to Orya Brand Management Center, whose address is clearly specified.

My wedding ring is squeezing my finger, what should I do?

If you do not have a periodic swelling problem in your hands, you can bring your product to our store with its certificate and check whether your size is correct. If the wrong size has been taken or your finger size has changed, you should reorder your product. It is not possible to narrow or widen our wedding ring models.

My wedding ring is loose on my finger, what should I do?

You can bring your product to our store with its certificate and have it checked whether your size is correct. If the wrong size has been taken or your finger size has changed, you should re-order your product. It is not possible to narrow or widen our wedding ring models.

There are scratches on my wedding ring, what should I do?

If you send your wedding ring to Orya Brand Management Center by cargo, it will be maintained and polished.

My product has changed color, what should I do?

The reason for the color change in your product may be the chemical materials you use (cologne, cream, soap, acetone, perfume, etc.). You should bring your product to our store with its certificate so that we can find out exactly where the problem originated and reach a solution.

The clip of my product is defective, what should I do?

If you bring your product to our store with its certificate, your product will be repaired and maintained.

My product has crushes, what should I do?

If you bring your product to our store with its certificate, your product will be repaired and maintained.

The chain of my necklace broke, what should I do?

If you bring your product to our store with its certificate, your product will be repaired and maintained.

I left my product in your store for repair, when can I receive it?

With the number on your product repair tracking form, you can get information from our store where you left the product for repair.

The product I bought turned out to be defective. What should I do?

If you take your product to our store with its certificate, your product will be examined and you will be informed.

Your store does not receive a refund although I return the product I purchased within 15 days, what should I do?

Our product return guarantee is valid for online sales only, with a 14-day limit. The products purchased from our store are not returned unless the product is defective.

I want to change the product I bought as a gift, what should I do?

If you bring your product to our store with its certificate and packaging within 14 days, you can get support on the subject.