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All jewelery models you have purchased from Orya Kuyumculuk Online Gold Sales Website are delivered to you with Free Shipping. In addition, your order is delivered to your address with free shipping as well as insured.Our shipping is in Turkey for foreign submissions us +90532 488 93 78 number phone number you can call us or you can send us an email to address.

Free Shipping

Until your order is delivered to you from the cargo company, it is under the responsibility and guarantee of Orya Jewelery. If your order is ready in our stocks, wedding rings and products that are not ready in stock are produced as a special order and delivered to cargo within 10 working days.

Orders placed until 14:00 will be shipped within the same day if the product is ready in our central stocks. Contact us by phone numbers or e-mail address to find out about stock status. For same day courier delivery within Istanbul, please contact us at the following phone numbers or e-mail address before ordering.

When the courier delivers the package in terms of insurance coverage, check whether the bag is damaged. If the bag of our insurance company is damaged, you should keep a report and not receive the cargo.

Orya is not responsible for any negativity and delays arising from force majeure such as weather conditions and problems caused by the transportation company or the recipient not at the address.

In order to provide information about the delays that will be experienced in the preparation process of the products due to unforeseen reasons; It is important that your membership information is complete and correct.

Your order will be shipped with "Cargo" insured shipment to be sent to the specified address with its special packaging. You will be informed using the membership information you provide completely and accurately.

Fast Shipment

Residence, hotel, fair, hospital, etc. Delivery made to any representative (concierge, concierge, front desk clerk, etc.) at the waiting address (given by the orderer) is considered as made. "Kargo" and "Orya" also do not accept any other responsibility. When the products are about to be delivered, the security number on the carrier company bag, which is reported by "Cargo" in front of the cargo officer, must be checked and received.

If the security number is not kept, or if there is any damage, tear or similar situation in the product packages, do not receive the shipment by keeping a report with the cargo company. After the product is delivered, you agree that the cargo company has fulfilled its duty. "Cargo" and "Orya" are not responsible for any damage, breakage or loss that may occur after the cargo officer fulfills his duty.

The person who will receive the shipment must open it with the cargo authority (courier) before receiving the cargo. The "Cargo Security Bag" and "Product Packages" must be checked for damage, broken, lost or similar conditions.

Special Packaged Shipment

Damage, broken, lost, etc. If there is a situation, first of all, to the cargo officer (courier), "Cargo Security Bag" and "Product Packages" are damaged, broken, lost, etc. the situation must be determined by a report. Then he should definitely not receive the shipment.

In case of any problem regarding the minutes to be kept, the cargo officer (courier) must immediately inform them via the phone numbers in the "Orya" contact section, while there.

If you do not fulfill the procedures listed above, the damage, broken, loss, etc. We hereby inform you that you cannot make any claims or claims from "Kargo" and "Orya" in such cases.

In cases where your order does not reach you or your waiting address; You can contact us through the address and telephone information in the contact section. Click to get information about Fast Shipping

Purchasing products through Orya Jewelery means that the terms and conditions announced above are accepted.