Gold Sale With Installment

Can I Buy Gold In Installments?

The opportunity to sell gold in installments is valid at the Orya Jewelery store and the Online Gold Sales Site It is not valid for purchases of gram gold, quarter gold, half gold, full gold, ata lira and similar sarrafiye products.

Our individual customers can purchase jewelry and jewelery products such as 14 carat products in the processed gold group, bracelets with 22 carat workmanship on with 3 installments. According to the law, individual customers are not able to purchase in the categories such as jewelry, bullion, and gold in gold in installments.

The commission rates applied by the relevant bank can be added for the payments with credit and installments.

The campaign cannot be used or combined with any campaigns, discounts, promotions, gift vouchers and similar situations offered and to be offered under the name of Orya Kuyumculuk.

Orya Jewelery reserves the legal right to make any changes regarding the subject and scope.

You can reach the details of the campaign from e-mail address and our customer information line at 0 532 488 93 78.

Payment Models

For payment models, you can contact us on our bank account information page or call 0 532 488 93 78 customer service.