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In order to have a perfect look, the right necklaces are as important as the choice of clothes. By choosing the right accessories, you can complete the combination and emphasize more the features you deem necessary. You can wear a pair of elegant stone earrings at any event and use the right ring to highlight the beauty of your fingers. Another gem that will add value to your beauty are necklaces. You can get a unique look by matching your clothes with the necklace models you use correctly.

What are the types of necklaces?

Necklace models can be divided into three main groups as gold necklaces, silver necklaces or pearl necklaces according to the materials used in their production. Since gold necklace types are made of valuable and durable materials, they are suitable for long-term use. Since silver necklaces are cheaper and easier to access than gold necklaces, they can be more popular for daily use. Pearl necklace models can be preferred for more stylish and special occasions or meetings due to their appearance. Precious stones and precious jewelery are widely used in silver and gold necklace design.

What are the right necklaces for daily use?

If you plan to choose necklaces suitable for daily use, you can give priority to the quality of material and workmanship. For long-term use, you can easily use necklaces made of a material that will not fade or darken. Silver necklaces are perfect for daily use and gold necklace models are perfect for long-term wear. Simple shapes such as necklace designs with initials of names, clover, hearts, stars and favorite animal figures can be a good choice for daily wear. If you have a modern style, you can also use geometric shaped necklace models every day.

Which Necklaces Can Be Used In Summer and Winter?

Colorful necklace designs made of beads and stones look great on hot summer days. Delicate and elegant necklace style does not strain your eyes and can add elegance to your look. In addition, in hot weather, plain gold necklaces will not bother you. Multiple necklace designs with tropical colors and patterns in the foreground are more suitable for summer wear.You can perfectly reflect your energy in four seasons by completing the appropriate necklace models with turtleneck sweaters, cardigans and dresses, which are indispensable for the winter months. You can adapt to the fashion of the last years by wearing a thin chain necklace. If you prefer velvet clothes, you can choose pastel colored stone necklaces.

What Are The Necklace Models To Be Used In The Invitations?

If you are looking for a necklace style to complement your outfit for a stylish invitation, you can choose by evaluating all the details (such as outfit, hairstyle and body). If you like classic dresses, you can combine it with pearl necklaces and earrings. If you are using a deep neckline with a V-neck, you can add sparkle to the night with an elegant necklace model that hangs on your chest. If you want to attend a summer wedding invitation, you may want to consider using more dynamic and colorful options to suit your combination. If you choose a seductive velvet dress, you can attract all the eyes by wearing gold necklace models.

How to Choose a Gift Necklace?

If you want to gift gold necklaces to your precious people on special occasions, you can apply various filters to narrow the selection before deciding on the necklace model. If you want to buy a gift gold necklace for daily use, you can examine more different models that can adapt to any outfit and wrap the gift to the recipient.


Gold necklaces are one of people's favorite jewelry accessories. Men and women use gold necklaces to complete their combinations. The design details of the gold necklaces attract different tastes, emphasize the neck area, add more elegance and charm to people.Due to the different material structures and design lines, necklaces have undertaken many tasks for users, not just accessories. High-quality necklaces made of precious stones are also a powerful tool to reflect personal prestige. Necklaces designed with healing stones can provide people with mysterious and spiritual clues. The various types of necklaces allow you to reflect your own style and character with the deep meaning it symbolizes.

Necklace Types

It includes different options as a necklace material that will appeal to various budgets and tastes. Necklaces made of precious stones such as gold, diamonds and pearls provide a unique and elegant look to the users. On the other hand, silver mine can be used alone in necklaces or in the chain part of necklaces made of precious stones. The main element here is people's taste for jewelry.

Necklace Models

When you attend a trendy event or want a glamorous charm for any reason, you don't need to choose a gold necklace made of precious stones only. Because the common denominator of the products that make you unique and stylish is that they reflect your style to some extent. In order to complete daily work, options including plain necklace models and sports necklace models can be evaluated when leaving the house, regardless of the material structure. The design details of the gold necklaces are very important in the area of use and whether they are suitable for you.It includes plain necklaces and flashy necklaces as well as design lines that can be distinguished as modern and authentic. From exquisite chain gold diamond necklaces to stone-free options, from thick knitted models to authentic varieties, numerous designs offer accessory lovers the necklace opportunities they dream of.

Necklace Types

The first plain gold necklaces that come to mind when it comes to gold necklace types. Simple gold necklace models made of different stones and metals attracted attention with their long structure. These necklaces are usually between 50 and 100 cm in length. The favorite gold plain necklaces have always been in fashion like pearl necklaces. These necklaces are elegantly hung on the neck and can be used together due to their wide range of uses.Chain necklaces are available in a variety of styles to cater to different styles and tastes. You can also add pendants to chains that men and women like in gold, silver or plated products. Chain gold necklaces, which are especially liked by female users in recent years, differ according to their thickness and weaving types.Another type of necklace that women love to use is bib necklace. These necklaces, starting from the neck end to the chest in a draped structure, are the first choice of stylish invitations on special occasions such as weddings and engagements due to their flamboyant structures. While gold gowns necklaces highlight the clothing combination, they are also used to highlight the neck and face area.Flashy necklaces starting a few centimeters below the neck are called necklaces. Gold choker necklaces, which are among the jewels that will provide an exclusive look, are always preferred. Gold necklaces decorated with diamonds with different carats are often preferred gifts for special occasions such as weddings and engagements.Tassel necklaces are one of the most dynamic necklace models that can offer a variety of products to meet the expectations of users. There are a variety of gold tassel necklaces made from different materials, from models made with small pearls to beaded selections.Another necklace model is a lasso necklace, obtained by attaching any preferred pendant to the end of the chain that is passed through the middle of popular figures such as the infinity sign, clover or heart.

Golden Necklace

Gold necklaces are preferred by users of all ages and their trendy styles offer many options for men and women. Men generally prefer gold necklaces according to their thickness and weaving style. Although fine gold chains are often used in necklaces, many men prefer to use thick gold chains alone.Gold necklaces offer a wider range of women's items with effective and eye-catching designs in various forms. Gold, which is one of the favorite necklace designs of women who want to look flashy, stylish and confident, can be used safely for many years. Name gold necklaces, monogrammed gold necklaces, plain gold necklaces with embroidered gold necklace models, gold necklaces with an evil eye bead in the middle are the most popular products.There are some factors that need to be considered when caring for gold necklaces. The fact that the gold necklace can be worn in the shower, in the pool or while swimming in the sea makes it easy to use. However, gold necklaces that come into contact with water will lose their shine over time. To prevent this, the contact of the gold necklace with water should be minimized. It is recommended that the gold plated necklace does not come into contact with water. Contact with water will cause the coating to deteriorate. It is recommended to wash the gold necklace with soap and water at the same time to clean and maintain its shine. It is also important to dry the necklace completely after cleaning.

Silver Necklace

Almost all silver necklace models create an elegant and dynamic look. Silver necklace, which fits perfectly with sportswear and denim products, is an indispensable accessory of daily life. Although silver necklaces can be used alone, they can also be used with any gemstone. Silver necklaces have a wide range of users due to their affordable price and different features.The silver necklace can be easily cleaned with soap and water and maintained by maintenance. During the cleaning process, the soap should be completely removed from the silver necklace and then the product should be dried thoroughly. It is recommended that the silver necklace be wrapped in a soft fabric and stored when not in use. Necklaces, which are maintained and preserved in this direction, can maintain their first day's brightness for years.

Diamond Necklace

The diamond necklace, which is preferred for an exquisite look, is decorated with the dreams of women with its magnificent style. The chain length or pattern of the necklace will become more and more important when combining diamond necklaces with outfits. Almost all diamond necklace models are used with open collar dresses. Models with short chains or large stones match best with closed collar clothing. It is important not to diminish the visibility of the necklace between pattern and color. Therefore, a solid colored outfit helps to increase the visibility and accentuate the necklace.Diamond necklaces made of different carats offer a very special gift option for your loved ones. Diamond necklaces given on occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays will leave you unforgettable memories. In order for the diamond necklace to remain shiny, it is necessary to wipe the diamond frequently and remove the elements such as dust, lotion or body oil that occur during use. It can also be used to disinfect diamond necklaces that can be washed with soda water, water and soap.

Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklace is a symbol of elegance and can be used by women in almost every situation. Pearl necklaces can easily create a sophisticated and classic look. Whether it's casual or classic, you can create great styles with a pearl necklace that suits you. Pearl necklaces are very popular models with a style that turns around the neck. It can be used in different designs according to the pearl size. These products also have options such as collar necklaces and bib necklaces, which are key to creating elegance.Magnificent pearl necklaces can make you fall in love at first sight in the environment you enter and attract attention with their simplicity. White, pink and black pearl necklaces are appreciated by everyone with their unique beauty. Care should be taken to care for pearl necklaces. It is recommended not to wash the necklace because water will destroy the structure of the pearl, you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth and then dry.

Bijouterie Necklace

In addition to necklaces made of precious stones, there are also bijouterie necklaces that are more suitable for daily use. These necklaces have different figures and design details and they are very successful in completing the combination. So many women who love jewelry choose to wear bijouterie necklaces, including at special events.Gemstones allow working in the free space provided by design materials. However, in bijouterie necklace options, design takes priority over the materials used. This feature means that even highly original new and creative models can be produced. Bijouterie necklace types are also different in maintenance methods due to the structure of the material. Due to its wide price range, bijouterie necklaces can be used by users of all budgets.

Zircon Necklace

Zircon necklaces are similar to diamonds and diamonds, so you can buy sparkling necklaces at a more affordable price thanks to the eye-catching of both products. Necklaces made of natural stone zircon can help you experience the positive effects of zircon. Zircon is also known for providing comfort and regulates sleep balance by helping quality restful sleep.Zircon stones have a green, red, blue and transparent structure, you can create a positive effect when used in necklaces. Zircon is more durable and soft than diamond, so it can be shaped more easily. It is sufficient to wipe the zircon stones that do not require much maintenance with a damp cloth.

Necklaces Made of Healing Stones

Healing stones, which have a special place among natural stones, are thought to have positive and therapeutic effects on many problems. Prominent of these stones include amethyst, agate, citrine, quartz, and jade. Each stone can purify and heal different parts of the body by showing different properties.Amethyst, one of the most famous healing stones, has a sparkling and bright appearance with a mixture of purple and white colors. Known to carry negative energy, the stone can attract and store negative energy in the body for personal use. In this way, amethyst has a positive effect on your heart health and blood sugar regulation, making you feel more comfortable and energetic. Even tiny amethysts that you can always carry with you can produce great results.Often used in necklaces, agate is considered one of the strongest jewels. The stone, which is believed to protect people spiritually, has been used for this purpose for hundreds of years. The reduced pressure and tension of the stone also helps the metabolism to proceed normally. Agate stones are beneficial for diseases such as reflux and edema as well as showing the balance properties of the human body.

Necklaces for Women, Men, Unisex and Kids

There are also unisex necklaces such as necklaces designed specifically for men and women. There are many types of necklaces designed for women that can appeal to every taste. Necklaces prepared in different styles contain alternatives that you can choose for every occasion. Men's necklaces contain very simple and attractive models. Among the men's necklaces where the chain stands out, there are different options from named styles to gold necklaces.There are very cute animal or plant figures in the children's necklaces. These necklaces, carefully prepared for the use of children and babies, are undoubtedly preferred by parents. You can use these necklaces as a gift when you go to meet the newborn babies of your relatives or friends. On request, a letter, a name is written, in other words, customizable necklace designs are also used.

Necklaces by Clothes

It is recommended to choose chain necklace or pendant models for V-neck tops. Wide necklace models can cause a disproportionate look when used with V-neck clothing. It can make your neck appear shorter. Clothes that cover the neck area (such as turtleneck sweaters) can be used with longer and more flashy necklaces. When you choose a round collar t-shirt or any outfit with a round collar, the range of necklace models suitable for your combination will increase. Bib necklaces, lasso necklaces create a very stylish harmony with round neck tops and dresses.If you want to achieve a sporty elegance, besides the bijouterie necklace style, the silver option can also bring a very stylish effect. These necklaces effortlessly give you a nice look and you will use them happily at any time of the day. Diamond necklaces are the strongest representatives of sparkling models and allow you to attract attention in the environment you enter. These products allow you to achieve graceful energy and are highly respected by women of taste.

Patterns Used in Necklaces

The necklace has become a powerful way of expressing yourself due to its design lines. Because in necklace design, no product contains only plant or animal characters or has surreal design lines. Models who want to reflect themselves, their style or mood are also popular among those who want an extraordinary look.Gold necklaces made with Chinese zodiac symbols are a favorite item for astrology enthusiasts. People with strong mystery may turn to patterned products such as the flower of life. Flower of life necklaces symbolize the common ground where material and spiritual realms meet, the miracle of life and sacred values. Among the necklaces with deep meaning, there are many options from ashes to the emerald Phoenix necklace symbolizing transformation to the symbol of fertility.If desired, inscriptions or symbols consisting of a few letters can be written on the gold necklaces. You can customize these models to suit your personal preferences, as well as use as a tool to reflect your mood or thoughts.

Necklace Models as Gifts

If you want to make your loved ones happy and surprise them on special occasions, gold necklaces are a sincere and pleasant gift choice. The necklace you give to your lover or wife on anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine's Day allows you to express your love through symbols that can be preserved forever.Fashion gold necklaces are also very suitable as gifts to keep your loved ones happy. When you want to make your loved ones happy, choosing a necklace that suits your tastes can give you unforgettable surprises.

Silver Pendant Color Turned Out To Black What Should I Do?

When silver necklaces have blackening problems, they can be cleaned in a few different ways. One of the most preferred methods is cleaning the necklace with vinegar, water and baking soda. After mixing the three ingredients in a bowl, it is recommended to leave the silver necklace in this mixture for half an hour and dry. Prepare another cleansing mixture with salt and lemon juice. The silver necklace can regain its previous shine by keeping it in a mixture of lemon juice and salt for a while. One thing to consider during the cleaning process is to completely dry the product after the pendant regains its original shine.

How to Determine the Price of a Diamond Necklace?

Many factors affect the price of diamond necklaces. The most important of these are the diamond's carat, color and cut. The materials used in the rest of the necklace will also have a decisive effect on the price. For example, when preparing a necklace with silver or platinum chains, the price may vary. The price of a one carat clear diamond can be much higher than a few carat yellow diamonds. Because the transparency of a diamond determines its value.

Why Is The Price Of Diamond Necklaces Higher Than Other Necklaces?

Diamonds are rarer than other gems. As we all know, most of the diamonds used in the jewelry industry today began to form 3 billion years ago. Since these extremely rare and special jewels have high ability to refract light, if you look closely at the diamond, you will see all the colors of the rainbow.