Secure Shopping

For Safe Shopping, Orya Jewelry provides you to make your shopping experience in a comfortable and secure way with the technologies it uses. For this, all necessary precautions are taken to ensure that all orders you place are safe and secure. Orya Kuyumculuk Online Gold Sales Store uses 3D payment systems, the latest security technology, to ensure the security of your credit card information.

In addition, your personal information is never shared with third parties. After your order is shipped, it will be shipped safely to your door, insured. In order to become a member of and shop, you need to provide some information.

Advanced Security System

This information is not shared with third parties, institutions and organizations, and acts within the principles of confidentiality. Your credit card information is not kept on our servers, but is directed to the bank for approval during your shopping. In addition, the credit card information you use in your shopping is not stored in our system and this information is not accessed by any person other than the bank that issued your credit card.

Your credit card information entered in the secure area is forwarded to the relevant bank's payment confirmation system and your order is processed according to the confirmation or rejection message from your bank. Your e-mail address will not be shared with third parties and institutions and organizations for any reason. Only you can access and change all the information you enter by logging in.

Membership-related transactions are carried out in a secure area and it is not possible for another member and / or a third party to access your information. Orya Kuyumculuk is encrypted on every page where you enter your personal information and all order and payment transactions pages are encrypted with an SSL security certificate.

Orya Jewelery shopping security is protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security system, which is an international standard. During payment transactions, action is taken within the 128 bit SSL security area. It is an industry standard in systems that are carried out electronically and where secure information flow is required. Thanks to SSL, your credit card information, which you enter while shopping, is encrypted independently of Orya Jewelery and transmitted securely to the Virtual POS system of the bank from which provision will be obtained. The SSL Protocol also proves that you are not on a fake version of the site you want to be, and that you are really on the right site.

Do not write your credit card information in any of the communication forms on the internet (e-mails, instant messaging services, customer relations contact forms, etc.), except for order payment pages secured with SSL Protocol.

SSL 3D Secure Security System

3D Secure Security System is applied in order to ensure the extra security of the transaction that is authorized by the virtual POS system of the bank for your purchases with your credit card. If deemed necessary, bank or Orya Jewelery authorities may call the credit card holder by phone and request an order confirmation.

The approval phase must be completed before the order is prepared. Although this practice affects the speed of the service offered, it is a standard required by the banking sector for a healthier shopping experience.

In the 3D Secure Security System developed by Visa and Mastercard, in order to increase the security of online shopping, you are directed to the website of the bank that owns your card during the payment process and verification is carried out with your credit card password. In this way, even if your card number is known by others, you ensure your electronic security because only you know your password.

The application of the system prepared for the use of Visa credit cards is called "Verified By Visa" and the application prepared for the use of Mastercard credit cards is called "Secure Code". No additional fee is required to activate this system. You need to contact your bank for detailed information about 3D Secure and to create your password.

Advantages of 3D Secure

In your online shopping, the International Security Platform (3D Secure / Verified by Visa / Secure Code) protects your existing card information. Since it is very easy to register and use the system, more and more internet stores are added to the system every day. - Protection: The International Security Platform protects your current card information with a password and personal security phrase that you will determine. - Convenience: No one other than you can shop from participating internet stores with your card. Only you know your International Security Platform password. - Easy Registration: It is very easy to register to the system over the internet. - Easy to Use: After registration, the International Security Platform is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is enter your password during payment.

The 3D Secure protocol developed by Visa was introduced as an application requirement that was also accepted by Mastercard and was put into service as the National Security Platform (3D Secure). According to the system, the customer is asked for a payment password by his bank during the virtual payment transaction and thus the identity of the cardholder is verified. In this way, it is ensured that unauthorized persons are prevented from using credit cards on the internet.

General Information About Secure Shopping SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are a product that checks the accuracy of site addresses and ensures that data communication between two points is transmitted securely over an encrypted channel. SSL certificates never provide the security of the code you write or your website. SSL certificates differ according to the guarantee, support service and additional features they offer. Basically, the technical achievement provided by all certificates is the same. TrustSafe, Rapid products are suitable for all single internet addresses that want to use SSL. SSL is a security protocol developed by Netscape to provide security and confidentiality during information transfer on the network.

SSL ensures that the information sent can be decrypted strictly and only at the correct address. Information is automatically encrypted before it is sent and can only be decrypted by the correct recipient. Confidentiality and integrity of the transaction and information are protected by verification on both sides.

The strength of the encryption method used in the data stream depends on the key length used. Key length is very important for protecting information. For example; It is extremely easy to decode a transmission over 8 bits. Bit refers to a number of binary counting system. A bit can have 2 different values, either 0 or 1. 8 bits contain only 28 = 256 possible different keys. A computer can reach a conclusion by examining these 256 different possibilities sequentially.

40 bit and 128, 256, 1024 bit encryption are used in SSL protocol. There are 2128 different keys in 128 bit encryption and it takes a great cost and time to decrypt this password. A malicious person must spend 67 years after investing $ 1 million to crack the 128-bit password. As can be seen from this example, the SSL security system provides complete and precise protection.

Orya Jewelery is protected by Rapid SSL Certificate. You can read it on the Secure Shopping page to view the English content.