The Right Way to Wear Your Wedding Ring - Use of Wedding Rings
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The Right Way to Wear Your Wedding Ring

Don’t know what is the right way to wear your wedding ring? Then you are in the right place.

Traditionally, couples wear their wedding rings closest to their hearts. This means that the wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger. Many people have continued this tradition due to their belief in the existence of a blood vessel connecting this finger directly to the heart.

The ring is a metal ring that is often used as an ornament or worn on the finger as a symbol of institutions such as engagement and marriage. The first examples of the ring, whose existence dates back to prehistoric times, appeared in the Bronze Age. These are models consisting of circles made in a very rough and thick form according to the conditions of that period. However, rings decorated with fine craftsmanship began to be made in Crete and Mycenaean civilizations in 1800 BC. Thus, the ring gradually began to gain a place as a valuable ornament.

But beliefs aside, is this the right way to wear a wedding ring? More precisely, is there a right and wrong way to wear your wedding ring?

Read on to find out.

The Right Way to Wear Your Wedding Ring

After going through all the exciting processes related to the engagement and wedding, you will feel that you are prepared for anything that may happen next. However, there is something important that you can forget by stacking your engagement ring (solitaire) and wedding ring.

Some prefer to shift the engagement ring to the right while holding the wedding ring in their left hand. Some may continue to wear the two rings together. So what is the ideal way to wear your wedding rings?

put on right side ring
Put on right side ring

The right way to wear your wedding rings

Is there a correct way to wear a wedding ring? We don’t think it’s important as it depends on what you feel. However, if you insist on following some of the rules about wedding bands, this article is for you.

Tips for wearing solitaire and wedding rings

The ring in your left hand

The most common way to wear your wedding and engagement rings, solitaires, is to wear them on your left hand. It is one of the oldest traditions when it comes to wedding rings and dates back to the times of the Ancient Egyptians. At that time it was believed that we have a vein that goes straight from your left ring finger to the heart. So, by wearing a wedding ring and then an engagement ring on this finger, she was making sure that the ring was as close to the heart as possible.

Thanks to this historical structure, wearing the ring on the ring finger of the left hand has become one of the most popular traditions in many parts of the world such as most Asian countries, the United States and France, such as the United Kingdom, South Africa, Mexico.

Ring and tips for wearing wedding rings
Ring and tips for wearing wedding rings

Wearing the ring on the right

While most people find it more realistic to wear a wedding ring on their left finger, some cultures find it correct and even more convenient to wear a wedding ring on their right hand. This tradition is not common in Western Countries and in Eastern and Northern European countries such as Poland, Russia or Denmark couples wear their wedding rings on their right hand. This practice is also common in Greece, India, Portugal, and Spain.

In countries like Brazil, couples prefer to wear their engagement rings on the one hand, but change hands after changing their wedding vows.

Single stone ring
Single stone ring

Wearing a Wedding Ring on an Engagement Ring

This choice is another popular option for most new couples. These people usually prefer to wear wedding rings after the engagement ring. But besides being the most logical approach, choosing to keep the engagement ring as the first ring that comes to your finger is important and symbolic as it represents the promise you make to each other. The wedding ring goes above the engagement ring and crystallizes only the promises made.

This option is also used in some cultures as a method of officially declaring that you are engaged for the first time and that the deal is now made.

Wearing an engagement ring on one finger and a wedding ring on the other

If your engagement ring and wedding ring do not match, the best way to wear both rings is to wear each ring on separate fingers.

Usually, the finger chosen is the ring finger, and most married individuals choose to wear the engagement ring on the left ring finger and the right ring finger for a wedding ring.

While this is not the most traditional approach, wedding and engagement rings are an option that works best for those who do not match. If you do not like to place more than one ring on the same finger, you can choose this alternative.

But personal preferences aside, you’ll find couples wearing their rings this way, something traditional in countries like the Netherlands and Germany.

This option is also often preferred by people with shorter fingers as it is much more comfortable. Also, it feels more comfortable for those who don’t like having more than one ring on each finger.

But that’s not all, and emotions aside, if both of your rings are so large that one finger is uncomfortable, they might be the preferred option.

To wear wedding ring on april ring
To wear wedding ring on april ring

Wearing Alternate Rings

There are no mandatory rules to follow in the wedding ring world and how you choose to wear your rings. Therefore, you wear the rings depending on your preferences and style. This means that it is not specified where you will need to wear both your wedding rings at the same time or with the same finger.

It means you can choose to be one of the unique people who choose to wear their rings on special occasions. For example, you can reserve your engagement ring and your solitaire ring for special occasions, while you can wear your wedding ring every day and give up wearing solitaire rings most days.

However, we can also say that most people prefer to wear a simpler wedding ring on normal days and sparkly engagement rings for special occasions.

This decision is often supported by lifestyle or work life. It is the preferred option for most people when traveling or in other situations where you fear losing or damaging the ring.

Wear your wedding ring on the finger you want

For quite some time, men and women wore their wedding rings on the 4th finger, next to the little finger, as they believed that wedding rings should be worn this way.

But do you know that you don’t really have to adhere to this arbitrary rule, especially now that we know better and that there is no vein that forms a straight line between the “ring” finger and the heart?

This means that you wear your wedding ring on your desired finger. You can wear the engagement ring on the ring finger and the wedding ring on another finger.

Whatever finger you choose to wear the ring, remember that the ring will feel right at the end of the day.

Other ways to wear wedding rings

  • You can wear the wedding ring on the necklace. To wear the ring as a pendant, just find a matching chain.
  • You can wear the wedding ring on the bracelet or bracelet.
  • Your watch can also be your wedding ring.
  • Especially if you are a sports person or exercise frequently, you can choose a wedding ring made of 100% silicone.

Finally, you can invent a unique, personalized way to wear a wedding ring. You don’t have to follow traditional methods. If so, you can find a unique way to wear the ring and share it with us too.