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what is gold

What is Gold

In this article, we are answering the question of what is gold? Gold is one of the most precious metals used by people since the first periods of history. It has been a demanded metal in every period due to its intact, shining and rare.

The atomic number of gold is Z = 79, atomic weight M = 196,967, the transition element with the symbol Au; elements such as copper and silver are found in the BI column of the table.

In the determination of the methods to be used for the extraction of dissolved gold and silver into the aqueous phase, the reserve and grade of the ore and its structural properties such as mineralogy, permeability and diffusion are taken into consideration. There are two main extraction methods:

Batch extraction
Mixed extraction
In fact, this mine is quite common in nature; however, due to the fact that the percentage rates are very low, locations suitable for efficient management are rare.

Under normal conditions, gold beds are divided into two,

Primary deposits generally consist of quartz-rich rocks.

How to Remove Gold?

More or less all of this mineral produced in the world is extracted from quartz or schist veins and gold sands. Minerals are mechanically or chemically treated to separate gold. In the mechanical process, the mineral is ground to a fine powder, then washed in a mixture of water and oily material. In the second method, the operating possibilities of the bearings are very diverse.

During the grinding or washing of the mineral, the material can be applied to the alloy (mercury alloy). The resulting material is distilled off. It also allows the treatment with chlorine water (especially after malgamal) (chlorination). Nowadays, cyanidation is generally applied; The metal is dissolved in potassium cyanide or sodium cyanide in large pools and then treated with another metal (zinc, aluminum) to precipitate it.

Metals that are easily oxidized in processing some complex minerals can be eliminated either by differential oxidation or by the action of certain acids or vapors. To purify, the metal is first converted to gold chloride and this compound is separated by electrolysis; foreign metals accumulate in mud.

It appears as a very dense (19 300 kg / m³) and soft metal that looks yellow because of reflection and green because of its transparency. 1 063 ° C, 2 600 ° C, boils under normal pressure and produces a greenish yellow vapor. It is the most easily forged metal which is most suitable for wire drawing (1 km of wire can be pulled under 1 g). 0.1 0,1m thick leaves can be obtained (ie to reach a thickness of one millimeter it is necessary to overlap 10,000 of these leaves).

what is gold
what is gold

Where is gold used?

The shimmering of gold makes it an attractive metal because it is relatively rare to process and relatively easy to process. For this reason, it has been used as jewelery throughout history. The dosage is used in food and beverage, albeit in grams, as an investment instrument, as a drug, and in the industrial area.