Twist Bracelet and Gold Handcuffs Models are waiting for you in Orya Jewelery jewelry categories. We offer the most stylish gold handcuff bracelet models in Orya Jewelry collections. Your elegance is complemented by models full of elegance on Orya Jewelery pages. Bracelet designs prepared using precious stones and metals such. As gold, pearl, diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, and diamond will attract your attention.

From the minimal models that you can use during the day, we offer more flamboyant gold designs to complement. Your clothes at the Orya online gold shopping site.

It is a type of jewelry worn on the wrist as a jewelry accessory product, meaning “bracelet” in English.

Orya designed jewelry models make it easier for you to shine with you at every moment of the day.

Twist Bracelet Models

Just as every item, object or jewelry has a historical background, bracelet models also have a historical past. The use of bracelets was first used before antiquity.

It is not clear whether the first bracelet models were used only by women or men. However, it is one of the information provided in the sources that there were bracelets designed with gold over bronze and glass during these periods.

In the sources, which are stated to be more common and more common in the ancient period. There is also information that lion motifs were found on bracelets. Of course, with the passage of time and the change in people’s lifestyle and life philosophy, changes have occurred in gold models used for jewelry and investment purposes, as well as in the vehicles used.

Looking at today’s modern bracelets, it is seen that it has nothing to do with the models made in the Ancient period. Even when you examine models that were 10 years ago without going back that long, you can see that there are big differences, all these changes are parallel to the changes in people’s lifestyles.

Today, of course, gold is used to invest as it was in ancient times, and it should be said that one of the most preferred options among these gold models is the bracelet.

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